Eyeballs Deep in Scarlet Emerald


A Humble Offering on GM's Day: D6 Dungeon

This is a cottage on a hill with secret rooms beside the root cellar. The husband just died, and his rattled wife asks the PCs to investigate the disquieting noises below.

1: The wife is possessed and killed her husband, recalling only snippets in nightmares. The spirit needs to boil the PCs’ body fat off and reanimate what’s left for an abominable ritual.

2: The husband worked as an apothecary from the root cellar, and an alchemist under an oath of silence, even from his wife. Several useful items, dangers, and a protean creature wait below.

3: The rooms are bricked up with a dead woodsman. His axe bears a berserker spirit within.

4: The old man had a sister bearing a curse. She’s unhinged from isolation, and at night she changes into the doughty regenerating creature known as the Howling Clodhopper. Can she be cured?

5: The rooms are a Paleolithic shaman’s crypt, guarded by an animated beast skeleton. Each point of damage equals a percentage chance for infection from an otherwise extinct were-strain.

6: The husband was a secret villain with a tome of names, black deeds, monstrosities, and corrupting arcana. The astonished wife asks the PCs to expose his henchmen and undo this evil.