Eyeballs Deep in Scarlet Emerald


Alpha Blue: Charlemagne Ray, Noble Pimp Abbot of the Black Ray Society

This enigmatic man has so many rumors about him that it’s hard to pare the truth from legends. Conceptually, Charlemagne Ray began as nothing more than a hacker prank, a block of code that became self-aware and took its original parameters as a mission statement and a monastic rule.

Since then the AI, under the guru/author pseudonym Mack A. Damian (or just M.A.D.) has generated various companies while writing a super-science manifesto in the abbot’s funky name, complete with metaphysical disciplines and a martial arts technique called The Way of the Black Ray Fist. 

Mack A. Damian uses holo-decks and combat droids to train its disciples, placing them in various BRS temples and pleasure houses, even loaning them out on occasion as hi-tech muscle and assassins to build street credit. 

The fictional Charlemagne Ray and his real disciples are often on the wrong side of the law, but they have also aided authorities with critical intelligence, namely as a cover to ingratiate the BRS and to handicap or eliminate competitors and enemies. These tangible events only add to the mystique and credibility of the Black Ray Society and its imaginary master.